About GothamCigars.com

GothamCigars.com, is all about being America’s Online Cigar Store since 2001.  Cigars are a lifestyle, and Gotham Cigars has been supporting both cigar newbies as well as aficionados with it’s carefully selected inventory of premium cigars, machine made cigars and accessories.  Our one goal is to completely satisfy our cigar smoking customers.

We have an extensive selection of over 40 top brand name premium cigars.  learn about and buy your favorite premium cigars on GothamCigars.com - Click here to see our selection.In fact, more than 1 in 3 customers who buy cigars online from us, become repeat customers for life.  No other online cigar shop can make that claim.  At Gotham, we put the needs of the cigar smoker first.  We carry an extensive lineup of high quality premium cigars at exclusively low prices.  Expect to pay less for all the top brands such as Cohiba, Alec Bradley, CAO, Montecristo and over 35 other top brand names in the cigar world.

In addition to premium cigars, we also carry one of the largest selections of machine made cigars, cigarillos, little cigars, flavored cigars and filtered cigars on the web.  We understand that cigar smoking isn’t just reserved for the traditional stogie toting fuddy duddy, we know that men (and some women)  enjoy a short smoke just as much as a traditional cigar.  This is why we carry such famous brands as Dutch Masters, Swisher Sweets, Backwoods, White Owl and Black and Mild, and over 40 others.  If you can’t find it on GothamCigars.com, it probably isn’t worth smoking.

Our commitment to our customers has set up apart.  from our new facility in Miami, we are able to ship our cigars faster than almost any competitor in the online cigar market.  We like to think we are the leaders in shipping punctuality, always working with our shipping partners to find better and faster ways to get our customer’s cigars delivered on time, every time.

Our blog is a place where we can sit back, light up a stogie and enjoy writing about the cigars and accessories (like humidors and lighters) that we enjoy so much.  It is a place where our customers can learn more about newer cigars on the market or even more about old favorites.  We want our readers to have fun and hang out and let us know what they think about the cigars they love too.

So sit back and take a load off.  Light up and grab a beer, brandy or whatever it is that relaxes you and enjoy.  We’ll try to do our best to inform and delight you.