The Rise of Nicaraguan Cigars

padron cigars Gotham CigarsIf you have been one of the many who focuses your attention on Dominican cigar companies, it is time to broaden your horizons. Despite political upheavals in Nicaragua, the country is poised to become the next great leader in fine cigar production as Americans shift form Dominican products to those of great Nicaraguan cigar houses.

The Troubled History of Nicaraguan Cigar Makers

The political history of Nicaragua has made many investors fearful of becoming involved in the companies that produce admittedly fine cigars from this nation. The changes in power could cause many growers and cigar makers to move to Honduras or even the Dominican Republic, given the right set of circumstances.  Ironically, this is one reason the DR has become the go-to location for fine cigars; the former Sandanista coup forced many of the cigar makers out of the country.  However, it is unlikely that such a sudden revolution would occur again or that any company would be forced to quickly relocate.

The fact remains that the soil, climate and willing labor force in the country has made it too attractive for any serious cigar company to ignore.  Nicaragua is poised to become the next big thing in cigars for those who want great smokes and low prices.

Nicaraguan Cigars The Next Great Smoke?

While cigar production accounts for only $50 million in revenue for this Central American country, the four factories that produce these great cigars are rising in importance as Americans discover them.  The top companies include:

  • Padrón.  This company needs little introduction to cigar aficionados as it has been in business for many years, producing incredible cigars such as the 80th Anniversary edition.  This company includes great flavors such as dark chocolate in its cigar production, producing truly flavorful smokes that have given it a reputation as innovative.
  • Tabacalera Oliva Tabolisa.  The Oliva family has released many great cigars, but one of the best is the Master Blend line that features rich, robust tones that set it apart from many blander offerings by bigger companies.
  • Tabacos Puros de Nicaragua.  This company has survived the ups and downs of Nicaragua’s political situation and has been producing quality cigars since the 1970s.  These rich, satisfying cigars are reminiscent of Cubans with their bold flavor and deep tones.
  • Tabacalera Cubana. Tabacalera Cubana is the “new kid on the block,” but experienced growers and rollers give this company an edge when it comes to producing the wonderful cigars they are growing famous for.  The owner and his son worked in Cuba’s Las Vilas area, and claim that Nicaraguan tobacco approaches the fine quality of Cuban.
  • Drew Estate.  Eclectic and original, Drew Estate’s blending and unique sizes have created a cult following.  Drew Estate is also noted for valuing Nicaraguan cigar makers and tobacco enough to place a factor there, giving solidity and appeal to this market.
  • Alec Bradley.  Like other cigar makers, Alec Bradley has given credence to Nicaraguan tobacco with its Nico Puro, the first cigar made by this notable firm from all Nicaraguan tobacco.

Nicaragua is making its mark with quality tobacco, inventive rollers and increasingly high-end output.  If you have not tried a Nicaraguan cigar, do yourself a favor and enjoy one today.  You will be pleasantly surprised how great this country’s products are!