Rocky Patel Decade – A Decade in the Making

Why 10 years is worth the wait for Rocky Patel Decade Cigars

It takes 10 years to make Rocky Patel Decade Cigars, and I for one am glad it does.  Rocky Patel Cigars has been producing some of the better cigars lately, mostly because they take their time and aren’t interested in churning out more cigars when they can produce quality premium cigars.  It’s this dedication and integrity that has won over the hearts of aficionados, and the Rocky Patel Decade, with its notes of black cherry and a nutty finish is a testament to their cigar craftsmanship.

Characteristic of the Rocky Patel Decade

With a smooth draw and a delicious mixture of robust flavors, the Decade is a picturesque portrait of a rich, creamy cigar smoking experience.  The detailed double band and beautifully oily, fine Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper also showcase this cigar in a very pleasing presentation. The Rocky Patel Decade Cigar is artfully rolled and box-pressed, allowing for a comfortable draw and an even burn all the way through.

Buy Rocky Patel Decade Lonsdale premium cigars at the lowest prices online at and save! - Click hereWhether you are a novice cigar smoker looking to widen your palette, or you are a pure cigar connoisseur constantly searching for unique new blends to try, the Decade Lonsdale from the Rocky Patel Cigars Family is definitely worth a second, third and fourth glance.

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Shop Rocky Patel Decade Torpedo

Quantity: 20 Cigars
Wrapper: Natural
Size: 6 1/2 x 52

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