Hav A Tampa Cigars – Cigar Review

Hav A Tampa Cigars – Little cigars with big taste

Learn more about Hav - A - Tampa little cigars online at GothamCigars.com - Click hereHav A Tampa Cigars are one brand of little cigars I thought I would never write a blog post on.  In fact, machine made cigars aren’t really something I see as all that different, with regards to their taste and smoking characteristics.   I mean, I am so used to reading elaborate reviews of premium handmade cigars that I kind of forget that  I have been smoking Hav-A-Tampa Little Cigars Regular for decades and I love them.  Not that they don’t deserve a review, I guess I kinda took them for granted.

I not going to try to convince you into smoking machine made or little cigars.  That’s your choice.  I have smoked great premium cigars and they are fantastic, but I just can’t get enough of these little cigars when I don’t have enough time to enjoy a fine premium cigar.

A little bit of background information about Hav-A-Tampa Little Cigars.  They are made by Altadis in Tampa Florida.  This is the same company that manufactures Backwoods, Dutch Masters, Phillies, and handmade brands such as Romeo y Julieta, Montecristo, Don Diego, and Gispert, among others.  So you know you are smoking a good quality cigar.

Since I was a little boy, I always remembered my dad smoking his Hav A Tampa’s and they smelled so good.  Years later as an adult I started smoking cigars, but I was never able to find them at my local convenience store.  Until one day I stumbled into a cigar store and there behind the counter was the little gold pack I remembered from my youth.  As soon as I lit one up it brought back so many memories; I immediately remembered the smell of my Dad’s garage and the taste was surprisingly full bodied for a little cigar.

Characteristics of Hav-A-Tampa Little  Cigars

Buy Hav - A - Tampa Little Cigars at the lowest prices online at GothamCigars.com - Click hereHav-A-Tampa Little Cigars flavor and aroma are terrific.  They are mild and very smooth.  I usually smoke one after dinner or on the weekends, and they go perfect with a glass of cognac.   They use a blend of Honduran and Dominican Tobacco as primary fillers which give them a great taste.  I usually smoke the Natural flavor.

What can I say about the price, they are a bargain!  I always order mine from Gotham Cigars and their prices can’t be beat.  I call and the friendly sale representative just repeats my last order, and ships them the same day.

Hav a Tampa’s are a great everyday cigar. I would recommend them to anyone that likes to enjoy a good quality cigar at a low price. I seriously consider them one of the finest little cigars ever made for the small cigar smoker. Nothing comes close to the taste and enjoyment of these little fellows.

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Manufacturer: Hav-A-Tampa
Package: 10 Packs of 20 Cigars Each
Strength: Mild
Wrapper: Homogenized Tobacco Leaf
Flavors: Regular, Sweet

1 thought on “Hav A Tampa Cigars – Cigar Review

  1. I have always wonder about this cigar. I am going to have to buy it and taste it now. Thank you for the review. I am sold.


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